I have spent my entire career in consulting, where innovation and design is always a team effort.

I have made major contributions to all these portfolio programs. Please drop me a line to receive more detail on rolls, contributions, methods, and results.

Thank you.


about me

Growing up a LEGO kid in Switzerland started my fascination with invention and its power to discover bold new answers for challenging questions.

The relentless pursuit of new knowledge has been fueling my extensive innovation consulting career and has led me to my current mission as a tech startup entrepreneur in New York City.

The question I’m most interested in answering is how we leverage the Digital Transition movement’s unprecedented tools to put ideas into action and bring radically new ideas to the forefront.

I hope to create an environment, which is free of gatekeeper driven convention to foster and promote fearless experimentation, boundless investigation, and deep community engagement.

I also believe in the need for pragmatic execution, which considers how we can move beyond speculation and theory to take steps towards actually building the things we dream about in a sustainable and fiscally responsible way.

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