I have spent my entire career in consulting, where innovation and design is always a team effort.

I have made major contributions to all these portfolio programs. Please drop me a line to receive more detail on rolls, contributions, methods, and results.

Thank you.

CHURCH & DWIGHT | Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic head movement, induction charging, and brushing phase indication is delivered in an ergonomic and stylish package for under $30.


Ensure continued leadership position in the low-cost electric toothbrush category.


Introduce upscale functionality to the budget category.


→ Creation of a tight package structure to enable the fit of the technology components into an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing housing.
→ Significant cost reduction through bottom-load assembly method.


Cross-functional team leadership
Project management and client liaison
Competitive benchmarking & field research
Consumer insights & implementation strategy
Design language & brand integration
Technology research & implementation
Manufacturing documentation & liaison