I have spent my entire career in consulting, where innovation and design is always a team effort.

I have made major contributions to all these portfolio programs. Please drop me a line to receive more detail on rolls, contributions, methods, and results.

Thank you.

Department Store | Revitalization

 A portfolio of forward-looking ideas focuses on empathy to create meaningful customer experiences in an effort to revitalize critical brick & mortar assets.


Revitalize brick & mortar department store traffic.


Reenvision the loyalty program to satisfy the expectations of new generations of digital experience shoppers.


→ Shift mindset from “Department Store” to “Style Experience Space”
→ Making an emotional connection through ‘educated’ empathy to create real loyalty
→ Creation of a VIP lounge to surprise & delight with personalized destination experiences.
→ Embrace and utilize technology such as beacons, mobile, and social


Insights research: customer, brand, market
Insights analysis and definition of fertile innovation platforms
Innovation and idea development
Idea portfolio creation