I have spent my entire career in consulting, where innovation and design is always a team effort.

I have made major contributions to all these portfolio programs. Please drop me a line to receive more detail on rolls, contributions, methods, and results.

Thank you.

OXO | Chef’s Mandoline Slicer

Awarded design, patented functionality, and unparalleled convenience makes this re-conceived mandoline slicer one of OXO’s all-time bestseller and the prototype for 8 follow-up mandolines to date.


Maintain the innovation leadership asset in the housewares space.


Reinvent a little-known kitchen tool.
→ introduce user-centric, groundbreaking functionality
→ drive down cost to broaden the consumer base


Patented and innovative features
→ patented rotary dial mechanism for slice shape
→ advanced fold-out leg mechanism for secure operation
→ lowered handle position for safety
→ dual-function straight/waffle blade
→ designed for safe & easy disassembly
→ on-board tool storage
→ cost-sensitive design


Competitive product & technology research
In-field user research
Insights analysis and platform strategy definition
Iterative cross-functional innovation process
Product design, development, prototyping


Manufacturing documentation
→ complete 3D and 2D CAD documentation
→ product specification documentation