I have spent my entire career in consulting, where innovation and design is always a team effort.

I have made major contributions to all these portfolio programs. Please drop me a line to receive more detail on rolls, contributions, methods, and results.

Thank you.

STOREBOUND | eSSe Vertical Grill

eSSe is a vertical searing appliance.


Gain a competitive edge in the small appliance sector.


Create first-mover advantage with an entirely new product platform.
focus on evolving consumer behavior & needs
tie into shifting kitchen & meal prep trends
make cooking experience simple & efficient


Taps into trends
→ retail and food service trend: grilled/charred flavors
→ sous-vide cooking
Transitions commercial equipment to home use
→ professional results – delivered with the convenience of a toaster
Brings the outdoors into the kitchen
→ grill-level searing on the kitchen counter
Addresses consumer needs
→ simple and efficient


Market/category research
Consumer research
Technology research
Strategy development & formulation
Iterative innovation process
Product concept design & development